[LINK] NBN retail cost

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Mar 10 14:44:35 AEDT 2011

If NBN retails cheaply, they will come.

And as Jan knows, even our Melbourne PC club intends to offer members
wireless broadband for $168 per year, or $14 a month. I'd guess maybe
ten percent of Australians (not businesses) are Link-like power-users
most can be quite happy with a basic broadband service, and for years.

Sure maybe left-wing on this but i want the maximun benefit to people.

I don't want my taxes to build a cash-cow-infrastructure for business.

And in today's news ..

'Forty percent prefer 4G wireless broadband to fibre poll, equals NBN 
financial headache'   

By Stan Beer   Thursday, 10th March 2011  (snip)

Broadband comparison website Compare Broadband asked visitors, 'Does 
wireless 4G technology pose a threat to the NBN?'

Out of 325 total votes, 59% said 'No, Australia needs both technologies,' 
while 40% said 'Yes, I would prefer to use wireless 4G in the future'.

If 40% of broadband users were exclusively 4G wireless, this would be a 
disaster for the NBN 

Telstra announced in February that it will begin rolling out its LTE 4G 
mobile network using the 1800MHz spectrum before the end of 2011. The 
dominant telco has also noted that rolling out LTE will ease the pressure 
on its already popular existing 3G HSPA+ network, which is once again 
being upgraded from a theoretical maximum of 42Mbps to 84Mbps. Telstra's 
plan is to allow LTE users to roam freely between the two networks.

The issue for NBN proponents is not whether a clear majority want NBN 
fibre to their homes, but whether they can sell NBN access to at least 
70% of the population. 

If 40% of broadband users feel that going exclusively wireless suits 
their needs, then the NBN Co would have a big financial headache.  



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