[LINK] Pple Toast Prediction - was - Apple is turning into the evil empire

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> I'm sanguine about Apple because Apple looks more like toast 
> than not.  Had Android only been entering the market now, or 
> at the end of the year (hello Nokia-MS) I might have a 
> different view.  
> (I've added a calendar entry for 2016 to come back and see if 
> my predictions are correct)
It's funny, but I think that's the exact same prediction I made in 1984
with the debut of the Apple Lisa in Darwin...

With Crap like that Apple will be out of business in three years...
Then with the evolution of the Next Cube I said...
Unless Apple can replicate this, they'll be out of business in five
Then in 1993 I said unless they include Intel compatibility they will be
gone in a couple of years...
When X.11 arrived on X86 I said, that's the nail in Apples GUI.

But they keep thwarting me Brendan. Mind you now that Jobs is possibly
leaving the firm for a longer term, you might be right about the 2016
but excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

That company has more lives than a Tasmanian Tiger... Errr, Siamese

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