[LINK] [getting OT] Re: Pple Toast Prediction - was - Apple is turning into the evil empire

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>> I'm sanguine about Apple because Apple looks more like toast 
>> than not.  Had Android only been entering the market now, or 
>> at the end of the year (hello Nokia-MS) I might have a 
>> different view.  
>> (I've added a calendar entry for 2016 to come back and see if 
>> my predictions are correct)
> It's funny, but I think that's the exact same prediction I made in 1984
> with the debut of the Apple Lisa in Darwin...

Ah yes.  
I don't mean Apple (or Nokia/MS) will no longer exist, nor indeed, that it won't be successful in the app/phone space.  Rather that it will have abandoned its model by then.  

Eg: if Nokia or MS went totally pear shaped today (and arguably MS has been going pear shaped for years now...) they'd both still be here in 10 years time, but they'd be also-rans rather than Titans.  Nokia could probably live on Symbian alone for 10 years. 

I think Apple is concerned that cheaper Android devices are good enough for most consumers. It needs consumers to draw developers, so being a luxury brand isn't going to be good enough in the mobile space. 

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