[LINK] NBN retail cost

Greg Taylor gtefa at internode.on.net
Thu Mar 10 18:22:33 AEDT 2011

On 2011/03/10 1:44 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> If NBN retails cheaply, they will come.
> And as Jan knows, even our Melbourne PC club intends to offer members
> wireless broadband for $168 per year, or $14 a month. I'd guess maybe
> ten percent of Australians (not businesses) are Link-like power-users
> most can be quite happy with a basic broadband service, and for years.
> Sure maybe left-wing on this but i want the maximun benefit to people.
> I don't want my taxes to build a cash-cow-infrastructure for business.......

My understanding is that the government investment in the NBN ($26bn) is 
being largely financed using Commonwealth Bonds, with the objective of 
eventual sale to private equity. In order to achieve this objective it 
will need to achieve commercial rates of return and be priced accordingly.

Your taxes have little to do with it.

Identified National Broadband Network (NBN) funding sources and allocations


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