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On 2011/Mar/11, at 12:40 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> Marghanita writes,
>>>>> don't want my taxes to build a cash-cow infrastructure for providers
>>> I'll shut up about some social-justice elements to pricing forthwith.
>>> Couldn't get Link interested in discussing proposed 150% markups anyway
>> At the February NBNCo customer forum, in Sydney, a figure of 7% return
>> was mentioned.
> Thanks Marg. But imho a 7% NBN markup might be remarkable. For example:
> <www.zdnet.com.au/50mbps-500gb-on-nbn-may-cost-81-retail-339308109.htm>
> "The details were revealed in the NBN Co three-year corporate plan 
> released by the Federal Government earlier today .. the document did 
> estimate that a basic 12Mbps downlink/1Mbps uplink plan on the NBN with a 
> 50GB download limit would cost around $56 (and $24 wholesale) while a 
> customer on a 50Mbps downlink/20Mbps uplink service would expect to pay 
> around $81 (and $34 wholesale) for 500GB of downloads per month."
> So NBN Co plan markups still seem like provider-cash-cow territory to me.

I may be wrong about this but as I understand it NBN is the fibre from your home to some kind of NBN POP.  There are probably some limits on the NBN infrastructure, say 1 Gbps.  After that it is all ISP from there to some overseas cable. The speed of your ISP connection is related to your ISP and its backhaul.  So giving a figure for x Mbps per month is an ISP cost not an NBN wholesale cost.


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