[LINK] Google Lets Users Blacklist Sites From Search Results

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> But I expect you have to log in or eat cookies to benefit.  
> Still everyone might get the benefit of the hive mind via google.
> http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/03/google-offers-blacklist-sites/
> > Google Lets Users Blacklist Sites From Search Results
> > 
> > 	. By Ryan Singel  
> > 	. March 10, 2011  |
> > Google is giving users the ability to block sites that 
> annoy them from ever showing up again in their search 
> results, via a new link next to search  results.
> > 
> > The new links will be visible to English users of 
> Google.com starting 
> > Thursday and Friday (IE8+, Chrome 9+, and Firefox 3.5+). The change 
> > builds on a recent extension the search giant made for users of its 
> > Chrome browsers, and signals that Google is listening to the 
> > complaints of users that web results are being polluted by 
> low-value 
> > content farms.

So what do we call it? TCF (The Consensus Filter ?)
Interestingly enough, this could be the perfect response to the
unsavoury content on the Intenet.
If everyone voluntarily begins to block all "unsavoury" content and as a
consequence, the unsavoury content is voted to the bottom of the stack,
then it will that much harder to find "by accident". As a result, the
world (our kids) will have a smoother and more enjoyable browsing
experience and we won't need to revisit the filter option...

Well done Google...

Now ducking and running...

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