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Tom, you have one of the most fertile, imaginative minds i have ever read.

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For example, the NBN should enable:

1. Matching the TPG offering as the baseline.

And encourage ISPs to offer:

2. High quality educational content for Ages 3 to 25. (I would suggest
   the ABC are given a priority in this regard... Possibly in conjunction
   with several schools and universities.)

3. Overseas language IPTV 

4. Streams the entire content of the Australian Film Archive as in
   "This is the Australian Channel"

5. Rents Fibre entry points (think Transponders) to "come one, come
   all... Deliver your content to Australians here..... (No movies or
   sitcoms allowed... Except that which is in the Public Domain and
   pertains to Oz)

E.g.: Several Webcams in every city around Australia... Wow, what a
Tourist drawcard.

Traffic cams - I think the RTA already have that covered...

Australia wide Weather channel...

The Senators channel where each senator gets half an hour per month to
talk to their constituents. (SenatorTube...) This is the opportunity for 
Government to engage with it's constituents in a meaningful manner.

It should take the opportunity by electing to connect everyone at a low
entry price (FREE) and add services. Oh you wanted a pots service,
please select a carrier and we will connect you to them for $5.00 per

Oh, you would like Cable TV? Please select a Cable TV supplier and we
will connect you for $5.00 per month.

Oh, you want Home to home Video Conferencing to discuss the upcoming
cake bake-off... we will connect you to other persons Teleconference
direct for $1 per hour of video conference per party. Max ten persons
per video conference only available to non business subscribers ..

Unless there is a clear separation of Corporate and Government
(consumer) interests in the roll out of the NBN, the NBN will fail.

Come on Canberra, let's turn the NBN into something that we can all be
proud of and that the rest of the world will envy.

Let's create an NBN for the People... Not the corporations that have big

Business plans that are built on innovation work!
Business plans that are built merely on the numbers, invariably fail.



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