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2011/3/14 Tom Koltai <tomk at unwired.com.au>:
>>  Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake
>> By Patrick on March 13, 2011
>> [日本の方へ:読者が日本語版を翻訳していただきました。ご参照してくださ
> い。]
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> I think I like Patrick...

I thought I liked him too, but looking at Google maps, it appears the
damaged reactor is about 170km from the outskirts of Tokyo, which is a
bit more serious than he suggests.
The Chernobyl disaster caused health implications for 500km downwind.
Select the tick box to show the exclusion zone on this map:
I wouldn't want to be in Tokyo if the wind is blowing the wrong way.
Note also TEPCO, the plant owner has a history of safety cover-ups:

Really, if the reactor was going super critical, and the people of
Tokyo were in its path, what else could be done except ask them to
stay inside?
Telling the truth would likely result in panic, and there is no way to
evacuate Tokyo.

Michael Skeggs

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