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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Mar 15 17:21:00 AEDT 2011

>Really, if the reactor was going super critical, and the people of
Tokyo were in its path, what else could be done except ask them to stay
inside? Telling the truth would likely result in >panic, and there is no
way to evacuate Tokyo.

We know the Government stopped the train services and shut the airport,
so no, there appears to be no feasible way to evacuate 12 million
people, or re-settle them.

So, the people of Tokyo have no alternative than sit inside and read
Google Group Message Boards about how they're going to have children
with three heads next generation.

Gee that should make them fell REAL good.

As I said, Journalists have a different agenda to normal humans.. 
They NEED to stir the pot to sell advertising and they're $0.50 cents
per word articles.

People in Tokyo would like to hear from the real experts.
Doctors handing out iodine supplements and how everything will be ok
after the next rain.

Or even how I went swimming in Island Billabong (50 metres from the
uranium/gold at JaJa in the Northern Territory and feel fine...
twenty-five years later)

What they don't need is the worlds news services panicking them into a
frenzy of chaotic desperation.

So, in other news today, Sophie the chimpanzee had a successful brain
transplant suggesting that we are not too far off from being able to
transfer our id's to freshly cloned duplicates of ourselves.  [Just
joking linkers, unfortunately; but as you can see, it wasn't hard to get
your minds off Radiation and Japan].


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