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At 11:36 AM 19/03/2011, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>PS: As designers resigned over Mark I design concerns, I wonder why
>nobody is talking about suing GE for damages and criminal conduct, for
>withholding that safety and design concerns information from the

It's not over yet. I read an article today that TEPCO is a dead duck 
like ENRON, too. The story about their management promotion strategy 
(very Japanese, based on loyalty rather than competence, and has been 
an on-going problem in that company every time there is a safety 
problem) is in the Oz.

  This line got me:
In press conferences, TEPCO executives have bowed their heads and 
apologised repeatedly for "causing inconvenience"

Anyone who has had a corporate problem in Australia gets the same 
line, as if it makes everything better. Always makes me more angry 
than even the black hole of no information that precedes it.

Speaking of anger, there is another article that says the Japanese 
people are becoming Katrina-like, FINALLY, re the lack of disaster 
support actions for victims.


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