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On 2011/Mar/19, at 11:36 AM, Fernando Cassia wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 10:14 PM, Kim Holburn <kim at holburn.net> wrote:
>> Not even a design with explosives that could be placed in such a way as to blow the pile apart enough to cool it?
> Blowing things up is not something that I can think as a safe way to
> cool down a nuclear reactor.

I think we've passed the point of "safe" here.

> Plus, if blowing up things would have
> solved things, they'd have left hydrogen to accumulate, or the
> recurring explosions would have solved that.

The point of using explosives is that they are not an explosion outside the core but inside and shaped to divide the core and that the surrounds have to be designed to allow the core to divide and fall away.  I'm not talking big explosions here.

When the core gets hot enough the fuel probable melts enough to make extraction difficult or impossible.  You need last ditch solutions in place just in case.

> On the contrary, the hydrogen explosions caused the leaking of the
> cooling polls and the fires of the used fuel rods.

Random explosions are not the same as shaped charges combined with good design.

> Thereś an easier, more obvious solution: GRAVITY. A huge water tank in
> a separate building, with a manual valve, and with a higher
> above-the-ground level than the rest of the plant, so you manually
> turn the valve and the water flows...

Nuclear cores can heat a lot of water, turning it into radioactive steam.  And after you've used all that water then what?  You mean a big water tower?  And they've just had a huge earthquake?  A tipping water towers over kind of earthquake.

> "KISS" - Keep it simple, st++id :)

Yeah I was.

> FC
> PS: As designers resigned over Mark I design concerns, I wonder why
> nobody is talking about suing GE for damages and criminal conduct, for
> withholding that safety and design concerns information from the
> buyers

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