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> The power of a god is in direct proportion to the number of 
> believers (aka 'man is a god's best friend').
> Myriad small gods survive off the remaining odd (so to speak) 
> believer, who is generally living in a cave or wandering in a desert.

Mon Dieu, Sacrilege.... 
How dare you lower the tone of my content by mentioning irrelevant
lesser known deities.

I will lodge an intercession request with the Vatican immediately and
have you Eee'd (exorcised, excommunicated and expatriated (as
Oh, you're a Presbyterian, apprentice Methodist, Practising Anglican
Child of Scientology. 


But thanks for that, didn't know about the origins of ogg Vorbis naming,
always thought it was a rather funny sounding name for a codec.
Having grown up with the sexual innuendo that is Unix, I shouldn't be

I wonder what the Christian Right would say if they ever discovered that
our computer operating systems are in fact breaking at least three of
the commandments every day...

Forking and Killing and Greping.

If Sen. Harradine ever got his hands on the SVRV.4 source code we would
all now be using CP/M and Android would be spelt MS-DOS.

In case any politicians happen to be reading this... Windows 7 is
basically the same thing.... Lots of Greping, Forking and millions of
processes being constantly killed, so no, mandating MS as the O/S of
choice would not be Religiously correct.


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