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>> The power of a god is in direct proportion to the number of 
>> believers (aka 'man is a god's best friend').
>> Myriad small gods survive off the remaining odd (so to speak) 
>> believer, who is generally living in a cave or wandering in a desert.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_Gods
> Mon Dieu, Sacrilege.... 
> How dare you lower the tone of my content by mentioning irrelevant
> lesser known deities.


> But thanks for that, didn't know about the origins of ogg Vorbis naming,
> always thought it was a rather funny sounding name for a codec.
> Having grown up with the sexual innuendo that is Unix, I shouldn't be
> surprised... 

My favourite Pratchett small god is Annoya: The goddess of weird kitchen implements that get stuck and jam kitchen drawers.

On 2011/Mar/19, at 1:05 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> For two thousand years we have been under the thumb of educated clerics
> that had exclusive access to information (reading - the bible) and
> became the man behind the curtain... "The all powerful Oz!".
> In the name of their deity, they drove the infidel from their lands,
> drowned witches, separated children from their parents and did
> unmentionable things with altar boys.
> Millions have perished because of the requirements [or the clergies
> interpretation] of the different deities.

I don't think you can blame our human proclivity to violence on imaginary friends.  I think we all, athiests, theists and buddhists have to take some responsibility ourselves.

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