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Bjorn Lomborg, previously the previously skeptical environmentalist but now the slightly skeptical environmentalist?  Frankly I don't think he has much useful to say at all.  As Senator Minchin might say: Is he a climate scientist?  Answer: No.

If everyone in the world stopped subsidising fossil fuels then other forms of energy might get a more level playing field.

On 2011/Mar/20, at 10:14 AM, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> Bjorn Lomborg thinks that making carbon more expensive is dumb, very 
> expensive and won't actually solve the problem.
> see Bjorn Lomborg: A smarter approach to climate change
> http://www.abc.net.au/rn/counterpoint/stories/2011/3160416.htm#transcript
> I tend to support Bjorn's approach - i.e. make sure you are solving the 
> problem. He says - make green energy cheaper, not carbon more expensive 
> - so spend money on R&D.

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