[LINK] National Classification Scheme review commences

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> Here's an extract from this morning's Media release:
> [quote]
> The ALRC has been asked to provide its final report by 30 
> January 2012. The terms of reference and further information 
> is available at www.alrc.gov.au.
> [/unquote]
> As at 9.12 am the ALRC website still isn't aware of its terms 
> of reference.

Yes, well that doesn't surprise me. 

ALRC doesn't actually seem very switched on at all.

The ALRC ostensibly about reforming the law in Australia isn't all that
interested in unsolicited representations about legal wrong doing or
flaws in the system.
They are only interested in submissions - preferably from legal firms
about their current topic of reference. Which apparently has to come
from the Minister before they can ask for responses.

[As per a conversation I had late last year with an ALRC staffer about
apparent shenanigans on the bench].

In fact, there is no oversight in Australia about lawyers doing the
wrong thing.
I thought that Mr. McClelland's impassioned discourse on the problems
with the Legal Profession would ensure some real progress.

The civil servants have made sure that doesn't happen.

There remains no independent oversight in Australia for members of the
Judiciary doing the wrong thing.
Nor is there any possible recourse in an appeals system that cares more
for the form than the substance.

Lets face it Australia, whilst the legal system is managed by fee
earning Lawyers, Justice in Australia is non existent.
I wish Mr. McClelland luck, because unless we can stop the lawyers from
being omnipotent in managing the economy, we won't have an economy.


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