[LINK] Private emails exposing agencies

Webb, KerryA KerryA.Webb at act.gov.au
Thu Mar 24 15:04:50 AEDT 2011

> >
> > To read the story, visit this link.
> Rats. Stupid button in the app I used encoded it as html and the list
> software converted it to plain text. The link is
> http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/private-emails-exposing-
> agencies/story-fn59niix-1226027025964?from=tigerspike+no+html_rss
> or  http://tinyurl.com/4rdvhjd

Yes, and when they establish stand-alone Internet kiosks so that people can check their Webmail in the workplace, they could also ban personal phone calls from your desk phone and install payphones beside the Internet kiosks.

I wonder what the weather is like on the planet Bizarro?

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