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"Ensuring content filtering software blocks access to Internet sites 
that are inappropriate for work use or may be high risk for malicious 
content, such as those with adult content, gambling, chatrooms, 
dating sites, criminal or terrorist information, music downloads and 
SPAM. "  SPAM? In CAPS? What acronym is that? Simple Pron And 
Malware? Come on....

"The use of email filtering software that blocked delivery of 
suspicious emails and prevented transmission of unmarked or 
inappropriately marked emails. " What is a 'marked' email? Huh?

"The auditor also called on agencies to review log-in credentials 
after administrator or service account passwords were compromised at 
three of the four agencies examined in the report. " --- ADMIN! Let 
me guess: username - admin, password - password (or 12345 or asdfg)

Hilarious. And these people are running the country? (sorry if anyone 
doing this is a Link member; I doubt it, but thought I should still apologise)

Kerry has it right: Planet Bizarro.


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