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It is indeed time consuming and costly to have to seek permission in each case, which is exactly what we have to do with the PANDORA Archive and why we have been arguing for years and years for the extension of Legal Deposit to digital materials. We could then collect this material - provided it was 'Australian' - and provide persistent URIs (which would save you having to collect and host it) and persistent access. Unfortunately this is not the case and so we can only work on a very small scale and can only proceed with collecting what we can get permission for. This process is certainly one of the most costly aspects of the web archiving we do.


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Thank you to everyone who made suggestions and pointed to resources on 
the net.

Linking to source material is the easy way to go and I think I'll do 
that, mostly.

The problem that I still have is that I'd like to quote from a document 
I downloaded in 2004. I now can't find that document on the internet. 
There are similar documents by the same authors, but not the same one.

I assume that I can quote from the document and reference it, but what 
I'd like to do is put my copy of it somewhere that anyone checking the 
quote, or who wants to read more, can get at it.

I guess I can post references to the authors and let people who want a 
copy of the document go to them.  The alternative is for me to ask 
permission from the authors to host a copy. This is OK on a one-off 
basis, but can get quite time consuming if there are many such references.



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