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At 9:46 +1100 25/3/11, Paul Koerbin wrote:
>What Stil says is the basis under which we operate the PANDORA 
>Archive which has the specific objective of making content available 
>when the original is no longer online. We indeed have to seek from 
>the publisher explicit licence under the Copyright Act to make the 
>copies, preserve them and, the most complex aspect of this, make it 
>publicly accessible.
>I suppose if there is a Creative Commons licence that says you can 
>make copies and distribute with attribution you could do it, but 
>otherwise you would need to seek licence as we do.

20 years on, it'a appalling that there's still no 'compulsory 
deposit' equivalent for electronic materials, despite the fact that 
it can be automated, performed by the NLA rather than the publisher, 
and done at public rather than private cost!

*Another* job for the new National Librarian ...

I keep wondering why there's been no movement for a graveyard service.

As I got on in years, I became increasingly concerned about the 
survival of (the more useful bits of) my web-sites.

But I'm alright jack, because Pandora's holdings expanded in 2006 
from just a few key pages to my whole site.  And it's since been 
mirrored at 17, 19 and 19 monthly intervals, most recently in mid-Sep 

How come more people don't have the requisite combination of ego and 
intimations of mortality, and plead with Pandora to notice them?!

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