[LINK] Moderator Censorship

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Mon Mar 28 18:37:29 AEDT 2011

I am replying to Michael Skeggs and Tony Barry.

Hi Michael,

You wrote, in part:

> But titling a post in disagreement with another's viewpoint as a note from a
> moderator is an appeal to authority, rather than constructive debate.

My "Moderation note" messages to Tom:


had absolutely nothing to do with my disagreement with his views on
nuclear safety.  I was in no way attempting to discourage or inhibit him
from writing about nuclear safety - but I did suggest/require that and
other list members back up is strong negative opinions on any matter
with arguments.

Hi Tony (Barry),

You wrote:

> To quote the Housekeeper, Tillie in "Guess Who's coming to dinner",
> if my memory serves me -
>	"All hell done broke loose"
> Tony

Indeed.  It has been an interesting experiment.  I wouldn't have
volunteered if I had thought there would be so much resistance to, and
misinterpretation of, my attempt to set "proper" standards.  My idea of
"proper" may be different from your view and of other people - but it is
shared by quite a few Link members.

I think Link would have been better in the past with standards such as I
tried to establish.

Still, the fact that Link still exists is testimony to your ability to
preside over a bunch of self-selected cats in a manner which somewhat
resembles herding in a way that least some of them found acceptable for
many years - while barely giving them a glance or even a tut-tut!

  - Robin

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