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Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Mar 29 12:27:21 AEDT 2011

Jim wrote:

> Fred Pilcher wrote:
> > Like those infuriating scrolling messages that some TV stations use?
> I guess we are generally heading towards news coming through web pages
> because it offers more scope for user selection.  What we need is an
> expectation that scrollers and continuously updating page gadgets can
> be "squelched" (to use the old radio term.)
> As an interesting aside, it has been recommended that that infants
> under
> two are not left in front of TV.  Our attention is automatically
> directed to movement and change by circuits that we have weak ability
> to control.

That would certainly explain why they're so infuriating.

I'm prepared to accept that I can't pay attention to the announcer/story and the scroller at the same time because:

a) I'm old;
b) I'm a man;
c) both of the above.

But if, as Jim suggests, there's more to it than those, then you have to ask why they do it. Surely their research would have shown that scrollers are annoying, distracting and ineffective? (Although "ineffective" implies that that they're supposed to be effective at something. The gods only know what.)

Of course, despite the best efforts of business, the web is not TV (yet). So, while I can appreciate why Ivan may find scrollers useful, providing I can squelch them I'm happy.

Now if only TV would let me do the same...


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