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> Tom could have responded by saying "OK - its fair enough to 
> expect list members not to try to discourage others from 
> discussing something. Sure, I should supply reasoned 
> arguments to accompany strong opinions, because on their own, 
> strong opinions are boring and lead to unnecessary noise and 
> disputes."
> That's not what happened.
Actually, Robin, I'm getting sick of people telling me how I should

The Supreme court in the last year have taught me that the Supreme court
rules (practice notes) do not mean anything and judges can throw them
out the window at any time, merely to clear the Civil docket. Who cares
about justice, it's just some poor schmuck that was given eight weeks to
find a new lawyer over December January... Of course all the lawyers and
barristers are not on holidays at that time... (HAH!)

The ASX taught me that Brokers can do no wrong, even if they sell your
company short at a time when selling short is contrary to the
corporations act and basically the broker lied to you so that they could
borrow your shares in the company...

The ASIC investigator taught me that if you reply to their questions
honestly during an investigation, they will then ban you regardless of
not having a valid reason, just so that they can report a job justifying
head count to their minister. 

Oh, BTW, all the above happened without one valid reason being given.

How dare you imply that the event leading up to your resignation was my
fault, quite frankly I'm a little tired of being the convenient whipping

Robin I told you - PM's are far more effective and discrete.
If you keep slanging at me in Public, I'm going to slang back. In

Your mistake was to rebuke me in public in an official capacity and
doing so in the midst of a debate. 

We all make mistakes. So basically get over it. Man up.. You made a boo
boo. Don't look around for someone else to blame.

I think Phil called it correctly. (He's a lawyer... He knows one or two
things about words).
All the words in the world will not convince anyone that you were right
or that I was wrong. But the noise level from the excuse department is
starting to become deafening.


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