[LINK] Noise - Move Along NTSH....

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Wed Mar 30 22:56:01 AEDT 2011

Hi Tom,

In the interests of improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio, I will respond only
to this:

> How dare you imply that the event leading up to your resignation was my
> fault, quite frankly I'm a little tired of being the convenient whipping
> boy.

Its not your fault I resigned.  If I had been the only person
controlling link, or if the other two Amigos wanted to run it according
to the standards I think are appropriate, I wouldn't have resigned.

Its a matter of debate whether I was right to expect of you and all
other list members a higher standard than has been expected in the past,
regarding decorum (e.g. not trying to discourage others from
contributing to a discussion) and regarding accompanying strong opinions
with supporting arguments.

So its a matter of debate whether I was right to set new standards or
whether you were right to reject them.

I think you were mistaken, but it all comes down to personal choices
about what standards should prevail and how to set standards and
moderation responses in order to guard against a potentially vast array
of disruptions.

I found that my idea of how to run the list was not fully supported by
Ivan - and we haven't heard from Martin.  That's why I resigned.

It was my mistake to underestimate the upset my actions would cause.  My
resignation is not a reflection on you or your actions.

Nor does my resignation constitute any criticism of Ivan or Martin.
They have their own ideas and while mine are different, I am not trying
to cajole them into adopting my approach.  If they can run Link with
minimal moderation, that's great.

I think their ability to do so will depend entirely on how much
"disruption" (however defined, by them or by unhappy list members) they
have to deal with.

  - Robin

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