[LINK] Cloud Computing Services in Australia?

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Fri Nov 4 16:00:15 AEDT 2011

The Potential for Cloud Computing Services in Australia

Lateral Economics 

02 November 2011

Cloud computing is a significant opportunity for Australian industry. 
Ibis World estimated Australian cloud revenues at over $1 billion for 
2010 and employment at around 4,300 persons.

When it comes to cloud computing, can Australia reasonably aspire to 
become a regional hub for cloud computing? 

What will determine Australian industry's competitive position in 
offering cloud computing services and facilities? 

To what extent will Australian providers meet Australian demand for cloud 

Will Australia aspire to its usual back office role – with a few scraps 
badged as local content, or will it aspire to something more?

Activity to date suggests there is reason for some confidence. If we were 
destined to become a cloud computing backwater we'd have seen less 
investment in cloud infrastructure than we have – for example Macquarie 
Telecom, Fujitsu and Telstra combined have invested nearly $1 billion in 
Australian cloud infrastructure. 

What can and should we do to encourage the nascent cloud computing 
industry in Australia? ...



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