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The follwoing news article is not terrific journalism, but it does allude
to quite a changee in software development, for both Mac and also MS Win8:

Apple: Mac App Store apps must implement sandboxing by March

Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple has announced on their developer site that, “as of March 1, 2012 
all apps submitted to the Mac App Store must implement sandboxing.”

“Essentially, sandboxing allows Apple to decide which apps get access to 
which resources, and such access can be severely constrained, including 
no Internet, no networking, no write access, and even no anything,” Roger 
Kay reports for Forbes. 

“Although widely anticipated, this move has developer sites up in arms. 
To them, it means that Mac OS X is going to be locked down just like iOS.”

“Given how convenient the Apple Store is, though, consumers are hardly 
likely to object. In fact, Apple is passing this naked power grab off as 
a matter of convenience and security for consumers, who, soon after the 
new regime is in place, will simply forget that there ever was any other 
way to install programs,” Kay writes. 

“But the Wild West days of software development are fast coming to an 
end. Since Microsoft is following the same path with Windows 8, we are 
witnessing quite literally the end of software distribution freedom.”

Kay writes, “While Apple’s locking down of Mac OS X heralds a dark day 
for programmers, it is worth acknowledging that this move does have some 
short-term benefits for consumers. The iOS model is easier for the 
average bear to deal with, and sandboxing does improve security.”

"In the future, a heavyweight approval process will govern all consumer 
software distribution."


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