[LINK] On the Day that you were born (UN Population Clock)

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Nov 8 09:36:49 AEDT 2011

It's not the weekend, but I thought linkers with little ones would enjoy
sharing the following link. Warning, only works for persons under 100
years old.


Sample Data:

In the entire history of the world, as far back as the first homo
sapiens, 76,454,548,221 people were born before you.

 2,914,421,851 people were alive when you were born
 6,760,891,616 more people were born since your date of birth
 2,673,701,740 people have died since you were born

 As a result, the population today is 7,001,611,728
Of this total,

3,568,178,328 are today in cities and towns
3,433,433,400 are today in rural areas
3,468,358,414 are women
3,533,253,315 are men
1,854,855,798 are under age 15
793,339,338 are over age 60

Since you were born an estimated 963,994 of the world's 10 million
species have become extinct

1. All figures regarding the population sizes of the world, regions, and
countries - total and disaggregated by age and sex - from 1950 onward
are based on UN Population Division. World Population Prospects. The
2010 Revision.
2. All figures regarding the proportions of urban and rural population
of the world, regions, and countries, as well as population sizes of
cities over 750,000 inhabitants, are based on UN Population Division.
World Urbanization Prospects. The 2009 Revision.
3. World and regional populations before 1950 are based on figures
published by the UN Population Division. The World at Six Billion,
complemented by additional data points from other sources.
4. The estimates of species extinction are based on Wilson, Edward O.
The diversity of Life, The Belknap Press of Harvard university Press,
Cambridge, Mass.1992.
5. This program only works correctly for people with ages up to 100.


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