[LINK] Cloud Computing Services in Australia?

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Tue Nov 8 08:34:44 AEDT 2011

$quoted_author = "Roger Clarke" ;
> At 14:22 +1100 7/11/11, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> >Standardisation is the elephant in the room. If you look at two of the
> >larger players in the field, Amazon and Microsoft, their standardisation
> >in the infrastructure  architecture space is new and different from any
> >sort of current infrastructure or platform models. In other words, the
> >cloud providers are saying: change your application architecture to suit
> >our product/solution/service and you can use our product/solution/service.
> >
> >This means that moving existing applications to a cloud environment is
> >not a simple case of moving files. It's a complex re-write.
> That approach is PaaS, but in a form that suits above all the provider.

Amazon is IaaS and I think Bernard's point was cloud customers stop thinking
in terms of the building blocks of old and start designing their application
and infrastructure around EC2, EBS, S3 etc.etc.

But once you do that for Amazon if may be difficult to move to another
provider without effort to re-work the application and/or infrastructure to
suit their cloud components. The end-game is providers mimic Amazon's
components and API in order to smooth customer churn.

> It's a blatant lock-in mechanism.

Well, someone had to be first but the end result is still lock-in unless the
customer works hard to prevent it.


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