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85% of Australians would stop dealing with an organisation after a data 
breach (maybe) 

By David Heath, itwire.com Tuesday, 08 November 2011 

. Amongst other questions, the twice-yearly Unisys Security Index polled 
1,205 Australian residents 18 years or older with the following question, 
to which a response of 'yes,' 'no' or 'don't know' was recorded. 

The percentage results are included below, after each optional action.

Q: "Thinking now about security related issues. If you became aware that 
personal information that was being held by an organisation you dealt 
with had been accessed by an unauthorised person, would you take any of 
the following actions?"

1. Stop dealing with that organisation, such as closing your account 
  (85 yes / 10 no / 4 don't know)
2. Continue dealing with the organisation but not online (24 / 67 / 8)
3. Take legal action (47 / 43 / 10)
4. Publicly expose the issue (64 / 30 / 6)
5. Change your passwords on that organisation's website and any other 
sites you are concerned about (88 / 5 / 6)

"These findings place any organisation that holds customer or client 
information on notice that Australians will be unforgiving if their 
private information is accessed by unauthorised people – whether 
accidently or as part of a malicious attack. Consumers today recognise 
their power to fight back and will take action designed to impact the 
bottom line," said John Kendall, Security Program Director, Unisys Asia 

"Clearly, there are very real business and financial implications from 
the loss of customer trust and confidence.  Data security is not just an 
IT issue – it is a business issue," Mr Kendall said.


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