[LINK] "Shutting down copper is a really dumb thing to do"

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At 09:43 AM 9/11/2011, Richard Chirgwin wrote:

>However, that's still trivial by comparison to the USA.

What if you compared to a state in the US instead of a whole country? 
Granted the distance cover wouldn't be the same, but I'm sure what 
happens in sparsely populated Arizona, say, with 2 major cities, 1 
sort of middle (Flagstaff) and lots of smaller bitty towns would be a 
similar architecture. Keep in mind that there isn't one big telco in 
the US since the break up of Bell in the 80s. So the economics of the 
situation re population and geography would be determined state by 
state. The dif in Australia would be the addition of the longhaul 
network connections between the states for the full network to be connected.

Of course, the major telcos like Verizon etc would be using different 
populated state densities to cross-subsidise the downsides of the 
sparser states.

I'm just putting ideas out. No attempt at coherence. :-)


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