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> Apropos of previous discussions about such things as the quality of 
> contemporary journalism, and how crowd-reporting will make up for the 
> reduction in professional reporting ...
> The article below is superficially about the small-mindedness of 
> Microsoft Sweden, which got upset because someone wrote to them from 
> an iPhone.
> The more relevant element in the story is that a blogger claims to be 
> independent from the supplier of the product that he writes about, 
> yet sought and was about to receive funding from them to 'upgrade' 
> his site.
> What part of 'independent' does this person not understand?
> Microsoft cuts off WP7 blogger 'over iPhone use'
> Liam Tung
> Nov 9, 2011 9:05 AM (22 hours ago) 
> http://www.itnews.com.au/News/279488,microsoft-cuts-off-wp7-bl
>Microsoft has ditched a funding deal with an independent Swedish 
>Windows mobile blogger ...

Actually, this is quite easy to explain if we analogise the

Microsoft, that would be Malcolm Turnbull.
Electing to use iOS iPhone to send a message, that would have been a
steering committee chaired by Stephen Conroy and the independent Blogger
unsure of the definition of independence ?

Err, that would be Bob Brown. 

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