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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Fri Nov 11 20:13:34 AEDT 2011

> > David wrote:
> >
> >>> Humanity will be no great loss to the universe. The pity is that we
> >>> look like taking the rest of life on Earth with us.
> >>
>>> (Rick) It would dreadfully difficult to wipe out all microbiotic life.
> Yes, well. If we can avoid messing up too badly, maybe.
> If you look back to the originating message, there's reason for doubt. 
> After the planet's human population reached a billion, it doubled in a 
> little more than a century. It then tripled in quite a lot less than a 
> century. As the Yanks say; "Do the math".

Yes, one certainly takes your point, David. And, the ALL-life-doom-sayer
science might indeed be right no question. However here on this beach of
this tropical island where i live, life is very VERY robust indeed. Much
jungle, less than 100 metres away, is impossible to see into more than a
metre or two, the crystal-clear sea has even more life and the mangroves
in the next cove are kilometres thick, and, contain even more life. With
such bursting biology, such vibrant life, it's hard to predict zero life.
Also these areas are tightly protected, as are many such in this country
of 7,100+ tropical islands, many un-inhabited. These jungles & mangroves
are not going anywhere, and, will be sequestering presumably permanently,
even as they adjust to rising sea-levels. Life here is safe and thriving.
So sure, the maths mightn't look good, but this part of earth seems fine.


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