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At 09:27 AM 13/11/2011, David Boxall wrote:
>This is what's thought to have happened to the oceans of Venus. On that
>planet, the main compound in question is H2SO4. In the atmosphere of
>Earth, there's less Sulphur and more Nitrogen. I guess that would make
>the most likely candidate HNO3.

hmmm.... acid or nitrous oxide? Will we all be 'happier'? (think dentist)

>I'm no expert and this is a worst-case. It's probably only slightly more
>likely than the rose-coloured view that God's in His heaven and all's
>right with the world. Even so, is the risk worth taking?

The other question about this atmospheric change like Venus: was it a 
cataclysmic snap of the finger change or an evolutionary change? If 
the former, I think we are in deep trouble (assuming that is the 
ultimate greenhouse shift) because humans in current form would be 
here to experience it (a la the dinosaurs). If evolutionary (slower), 
then maybe the biological evolutionary change pace on Earth will 
match to a degree. In that case, humanity will be different as well 
and may be heading off to inhabitable planets via wormholes.

Time scales matter.

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