[LINK] "Shutting down copper is a really dumb thing to do"

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> Such an arrangement would fit the definition of "cartel" and 
> would have 
> been flunked by the ACCC.

Unless no one remembered to update the ACCC. I guess it would fall in
the same category as a burglar forgetting to ring the local boys in blue
when about to burgle a house.
But don't take my word for it... Pop down to LillyPilly in Sutherland
shire and find out which streets have Optus and which have Foxtel.
Then visit Abbotsbury in the West and try the same experiment.

Amazingly, there is a strange dearth of streets with both.
If the pattern wasn't so definitively alternate, I would suggest that it
was an excellent study topic for anyone contemplating a thesis on
confirmation of game theory creating accidental cartel behaviour induced
by truly random  inappropriate chaos theory styled self evolving
equilateral symmetrical patterns that aways seem to result in a proof of


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