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Rachel Polanskis grove at zeta.org.au
Sun Nov 13 20:29:07 AEDT 2011

David wrote:
> Lunatic conspiracy theories notwithstanding, a surprisingly substantial 
> majority of the best qualified say that we are taking foolish risks. In 
> some of the worst-case scenarios, the planet might be rendered incapable 
> of supporting life as we know it.

And that is the crux of the argument.  "Life as we know it". 
That is, the modern Judaeo-Christian technological Western life that we currently lead. "Life as we know it" is vastly different even to life as known in 1940, 1903, 1880, 1666, etc   We may not all become extinct, but "life as we know it" would be a very different proposition indeed compared to what we have overall become comfortable with now.   And more so for those that are already at the bottom.  


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