[LINK] DCaaS and DCOaaS

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Nov 14 14:41:24 AEDT 2011

Roger writes,

> For collectors of FLAs and SLAs, don't miss these two.
> "[Data-Centre as a Service (DCaaS) is] about finding solutions to 
> common agency business problems and a shift from specialised systems 
> to standardised, flexible and adaptable solutions"...
>> "Data Centre Operations as a Service (DCOaaS) - via which agencies 
> that have a data centre in-sourced might require a party to come 
> on-site and manage their data centres from time to time"

Yes :) along with the Software-as-a-Service SaaS, Platform-as-a-Service 
PaaS, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS, acronyms that may/would sit
within the above two acronyms, one guesses.

And my question is, given this development: "Last month, St George Bank 
CEO Rob Chapman told The Australian that customers using mobile devices 
for financial transactions had equalled the activity level of 112 
physical branches." 

Since it's outsourcing tellers, and also ATMs, what's its alphabet soup?


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