[LINK] A national broadband network?

Ross Kelso kelso at internode.on.net
Mon Nov 21 12:49:56 AEDT 2011

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> Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 09:25:38 +1100

Nick Ross said

> Oh dear. Here we go again.
> ………

> The entire NBN will be paid for by cost savings to the Health System alone
> and I shall prove it.

Being someone who once worked at NOIE on the report of the Broadband Advisory Group (http://www.archive.dcita.gov.au/2007/12/bag_report  refers) I gained an inside view on so-called cost savings from government initiatives.  My colleagues and I used to smile when we gained these sorts of supporting justifications from our commissioned reports - great fodder to feed up to the Minister.

Nick, please put your 'money where your mouth is' > prove it!


Dr Ross Kelso

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