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> Oh dear. Here we go again.
> Valuing the NBN on signups is like saying the Sydney Harbour 
> Bridge's business plan was based on charging tolls to cross it.
> and 
> mainstream media doesn't have a clue.
> N

Sorry Nick, Exception! 
Media does have a clue. 

They're scared ****less!.  It used to take 3 days to download a ninety
minute SD video in 1995. Today with a Marvel chipset UWB enabled phone,
it takes almost a second. First Generation (100 mbps) NBN subscribers
will be able to get it in only 6 seconds.

Since the advent of dial-up Internet, the different elements of the
fourth protocol have seen their revenues diminish:

Display Adverts 
Magazine adverts 
Special Features 
Radio Advertising 
FTA Television Advertising 
Subscription TV Advertising 

Have decreased by 87% (or 100 billion dollars) (Source: American
Association of Advertising Agencies stats [1]) 

Cable TV and Free to air have seen their attention dwindle from a high
in 2004 of 4 hours and eleven minutes to now 2 hours and 35 minutes.
(Source: Pew Internet).

Software and Hardware devices, e.g.: Video-redo, TiVo and the fast
forward button have made the traditional advertisement relevant to less
than 38% of the population (decreasing annually at approximately 8%).
These Software and hardware devices are reducing the advertisements that
Digital users are viewing by 95% (Source: Koltai 2010 [2])

The only way media conglomerates these days can continue offering
returns to their shareholders is by going on the acquisition trail and
offsetting the purchase price debt as a future note. (Hoping the outlook
will get brighter in the future). Example: Foxtel. 

[1] http://www.aaaa.org/agency/pubs/db/Pages/default.aspx#proquest

[2] (The Stats only) http://kovtr.com/data/Link/Advertising_Drop.ppt
The stats and the rationale from a presentation I gave to some
publishing interests last year:

Should view it as a PowerPoint show, really cool animation effects...
(I hereby release the content into the Public Domain).


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