[LINK] And across the finish line is.... 60GHz ISM

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Thu Nov 24 09:58:18 AEDT 2011

Line of sight?

Can't see it superceding 802.11N or other WiFI standards. I remotely and automatically update all my software on the Pod, the Pad and the Phone over WiFi. If the devices had to be in LOS for all those updates the convenience would be lost. I like being able to access the Net over WiFi from wherever I have my five WiFi capable devices at the time.

Is this a solution is search of a problem?

My prediction. It will meet a brief and ignominious death.

Get back to me in a year of so if it has gone anywhere.
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>>> The 802.11ad technology uses directional communications. Instead of 
>>> bathing a room or a house in a wireless signal, 802.11ad technology 
>>> sets up specific channels between devices' antennas. That minimises 
>>> interference.
>> Channels do not imply directionality, as you´re well aware. 
>> It will just "bathe" a house with signal, just that one 
>> channel per each room where the technology is used. But then 
>> it isn´t the first time where tech writers oversimplify. 
>> Unless, of course, directional antennas are used. The article 
>> doesn´t say. Looks to me like a super-high-speed version of 
>> Bluetooth, without its protocol annoyances. I still don´t 
>> know if I want to be bathed in 60 Ghz microwave, even if 
>> low-power. This wireless fad has to end. I´ll use USB 3.0 
>> thanks very much. (yes you can quote me on that ;). FC
> Err the problem with Bluetooth 3.0 (I know you said usb 3.0 - I'm
> extrapolating) is it's only a hundred metres at 25 Mbps (max).
> UWB is 640 Mbps at 3-8 metres omni but up to about 1.4 km beamformed.
> The idea of transferring a movie (Debbie does...) peer to peer between
> school chums on the playground in under a second is not going to
> disappear in a hurry I'm afraid. In fact I'm confident it will become
> the defacto standard.
> Hey bro, here's the playlist of what I watched last night... (including
> all of the content with the adverts video redo'd out.)
> Feel free to quote me...
> TomK
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