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> http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=5191131
> "It was shown that millimeter-wave radiation at 60.42 GHz and with a
> maximum incident power density of 1 mW/cm2 does not alter cell
> viability, gene expression, and protein conformation."

Sorry, forgot to add this:


Military uses for EHF
"The military has also used the 95 GHz band for a nonlethal weapon
system called ADS (Active Denial System). In this device, a radio
signal is directed at a person. It causes water molecules in their
skin to heat to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in a couple seconds. This
operates much like a microwave oven, but the 95 GHz band was chosen
because its signal only reaches to a depth of about 1/64th inch in

While it is not truly harmful, it makes the recipient feel as though
their clothes are on fire causing them to seek immediate escape from
the radio source. As soon as the beam ceases or out of reach, the
recipient has no residual pain or discomfort. In practicality, this
device is better than water hoses because there are no residual
effects (other than possibly anger and dismay directed toward the



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