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> > "It was shown that millimeter-wave radiation at 60.42 GHz 
> and with a 
> > maximum incident power density of 1 mW/cm2 does not alter cell 
> > viability, gene expression, and protein conformation."
> Sorry, forgot to add this:

> Military uses for EHF
> "The military has also used the 95 GHz band for a no lethal weapon
system called ADS (Active Denial System). In this 
> device, a radio signal is directed at a person. It causes water
molecules in their skin to heat to 130 degrees Fahrenheit > in a couple
seconds. This operates much like a microwave oven, but the 95 GHz band
was chosen because its signal only 
> reaches to a depth of about 1/64th inch in skin.

So then that would be at a slightly higher EIRP than 1 mW per cm2 ???

> While it is not truly harmful, it makes the recipient feel as though
their clothes are on fire causing them to seek 
> immediate escape from the radio source. As soon as the beam ceases or
out of reach, the recipient has no residual pain or > discomfort. In
practicality, this device is better than water hoses because there are
no residual effects (other than
> possibly anger and dismay directed toward the attacker)."

Wouldn't work against Aussie troops, we have tin foil hats and SPF 15+.
A little Slip Slap Slop [1] would foil those dastardly  Bolshevik's or
[insert enemy of the day here]. :P 

Added to that the Zinc Cream (as well as reflecting the RF in harmful
quantities) would dazzle the bad guys with it's Day-Glo pink "I'm so
Gay" colouring that they would all immediately find the closest wall to
support with their posteriors to prevent the possibility of a fate worse
than death.

[1] Slip Slap Slop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slip-Slop-Slap


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