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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Oct 8 17:42:14 AEDT 2011

It's OK Steve,

Fred was just quoting Jobs Himself...

"And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas"


"I mean Picasso had a saying, he said, good artists copy, great artists


So no real mean-spirited intent... It was more a "quoting eulogy"...


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> Wow, Fred Pilcher's mean-spirited diatribe against Steve Jobs 
> in today's 
> SMH Letters page sure takes the cake.  There's a lot not to 
> like about 
> Jobs, and the cult-of-personality is definitely toxic, but 
> Fred himself 
> adopts an ironically cultish tone.
> He whinges that all Jobs did was repackage and market existing 
> technologies.  Would Fred seriously demean the Apple II as mere 
> repackaging of existing technologies?  I'm happy to admit 
> that the Apple 
> II changed my life, and absolutely I subscribe to the idea it 
> revolutionised computing.
> Fred rants on to casually dismiss Apple's influence on the music 
> industry.  He says the iPod is nothing special for there are 
> other ways 
> to deliver digital music.  Well, there are all sorts of cars 
> on the road 
> today but you'd have to say Henry Ford had a lot to do with bringing 
> that about.  For godsake, Jobs even changed the language!  You might 
> have an Android device but you still "pod cast" with it.  
> Empirically, 
> that's deep influence, like it or not.
> Steve Wilson
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