[LINK] What Do Steve Jobs' Obituaries Leave Out? His Appreciation for LSD

Darrell Burkey darrell.burkey at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 12 09:41:54 AEDT 2011

On 11/10/11, David Goldstein  <wavey_one at yahoo.com> wrote:
> It's a shame there isn't more focus on Jobs' greed and his lack of philanthropy.
Nice troll David. I'll bite as usual. :-)

There's a time and place for everything. I guess being the public figure he was makes him a target and he doesn't deserve any compassion for the terrible situation he dealt with? None of us here will ever really know the total truth about Steve Jobs or what kind of man he was. I'm no Apple fanboi but I'm certainly willing to seperate that from how sad it is that he suffered a great deal from a terrible disease and that his family are going through very difficult times.   

>  So much so he pulled all Apple's philanthropic programmes when he rejoined the company, and apart from Bono bleating about some miserable giving, there is no record of Jobs or Apple having given a cent since.
I doubt that's true but even if it is, what's your problem? His company, his decisions. Businesses aren't required to have philanthropic programmes. I doubt you rise that far in business without a few bodies around the place. 

I'm changing my will to include a statement that no one on LINK is to be informed of my death. 


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