[LINK] Quoting the Economist belies Turnbull’s intelligence

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Quoting the Economist belies Turnbull’s intelligence
Renai LeMay
Tuesday, October 11

On last night’s Q&A program on the ABC, an audience member asked a 
somewhat controversial question of the panel, which included writers, a 
lawyer and representatives from both sides of politics. “Steve Jobs was 
an innovator, above all a visionary. President Obama said in a tribute: 
He was brave enough to think differently. Who in the Australian 
political scene today, do you think is or could be the innovator, the 
visionary, who is brave enough to be different?” asked questioner Peter 

 From memory, the initial answer was “nobody”, but of course Assistant 
Treasurer Bill Shorten loyally raised Julia Gillard as the nation’s 
biggest political visionary. Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie 
Bishop, in turn, raised Tony Abbott, comparing the Liberal leader’s 
tenacity to that of Jobs. At the time I almost choked on my Heineken. 
Abbott — it must be said — is no Steve Jobs.

And at one point the name “Malcolm Turnbull” was briefly mentioned, to 
general interest and some laughter from the room.




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