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Rachel Polanskis wrote:
> Do you mean netatalk?   That was fun! 

The solution I tackled involved a VMS/Vax acting as a file and print server
for Mac, Windows, VMS users.

> Please do not forget, in spite of Apple requiring hardware lockins, vis floppy, etc,
> they were the first company to build to the USB standard, the Firewire standard 

Though Apple likes non-standard connectors. I guess Firewire was for 
digital video camera support for quicktime?

> and as crazy as it sounds, the first to do away with the floppy drive over the CDROM.
> I note also Apple endorsing technologies like OpenGL, SDL and so on whereas a DirectX standard is locked in not only to a plaltform, but virtually a release version.
> Note that all these properties are now inherited by every computer manufacturer
> of one sort or another, or there is a codebase available or provision made to service
> such devices.   I do not really see that as a lockin and given they were Apple's
> own hardware designs supporting these technologies....
> OTOH, companies like MS, abusing hardware standards to lockout competing OS
> designs, via BIOS or other hardware shim fakery.....   
> rachel
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> On 13/10/2011, at 13:49, "Pilcher, Fred" <Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au> wrote:
>> Richard wrote:
>>> Mind you, as someone who had the job of creating an Ethernet LAN
>>> serving
>>> both Macs and PCs ... (best forgotten)
>> Dammit! I'd almost managed to forget having to do that.
>> <Dr Smith>The pain! The pain!</Dr Smith>
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