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On 2011/Oct/13, at 5:34 PM, Frank O'Connor wrote:

> Apple did invent FireWire

They were part of the consortium.

> ... They also invented a number of other non accepted standards (e.g. NUBUS

nubus was invented at MIT.  It was used by Apple because it was faster and it could id cards.  It was used until it wasn't faster.

> ... Which was their PCI competitor, and ultimately way too slow and not expandable enough). 

As 8086 tech was second sourced by (ie by AMD) development ramped up and all the action was there and Apple moved there from the IBM CPUs.  (That may be somewhat of an oversimplification.)

> Bottom line ... Apple has always been way better at software than hardware.

Its amazing how what Jobs did was so simple and is so missed by most people.  Especially people in IT.  Apple makes software but it is not a software company and it makes hardware but it is not a hardware company.  It makes devices with integrated software and hardware.  And devices that are easy to use.  That's what people really like.  Most IT people look at things and say hardware ... software.  many people/users don't do that, they say iphone, mac, iwhatever, samsung galaxy, ....  

Most of the IT industry are focused on : I make software ... I make hardware ... I make software that works on any hardware ...   I make hardware that any software can work on.  I give people lots of choice of hardware ... I give people lots of choice of software.  Like it or loath it, Apple has a completely different focus.  They have limited hardware choice, very limited and software that goes down to the keyboard brightness to work seamlessly with that hardware.

When any laptop other than a Mac goes to sleep and wakes in 4 seconds let me know.

> The host of Android tablets and phones out there are way cooler and more powerful than the iPad or iPhone for example ... But from a user perspective they are nowhere near as elegant, seamless, and they perform less satisfactorily.

Exactly, no-one has made a tablet that is successful yet.  And they've been at it a long time now.  You have to ask why not.

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