[LINK] Govt redacts ISP anti-piracy consultation text

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Oct 18 10:20:03 AEDT 2011

Given the love of all things American by Australian governments of both persuasions, it gives one cause to wonder whether they'll ask Australian telcos and resellers whether they might give some thought to adopting this one:


"Bowing to pressure from the US Federal Communications Commission, mobile service providers have agreed on a set of guidelines designed to prevent unexpected wireless charges that induce what's become known as "bill shock".

The guidelines are a response to a set of rules proposed last October by the FCC. Although no members of the wireless industry group CTIA-The Wireless Association came out and said so specifically, the move is an apparent compromise with the FCC to stave off formal - and perhaps more stringent - rules."

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