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> > It's like saying Henry Ford didn't do anything innovative.
> I will stop commenting on this thread, as each of us have 
> stated our POVs.
> Besides, I don´t want to waste your time, as you should start 
> erecting Canberra´s Steve Jobs statue before someone else 
> does ;). *JOKE* *JOKE*!.
> Hungarian IT firm to erect Steve Jobs statue 
> http://blogs.wsj.com/emergingeurope/2011/10/14/hungarian-it-fi

This should not be taken as an endorsement by the Hungarian nation of
monopolistic business models.
The Hungarian people are proud socialists and believe all music should
be shared via Torrents.

Apple only opened their Hungarian iTunes Music Store last month (27th
September) and possibly, that's why Hungarians were forced to Torrent
their music. 

As an item of note; most iP***** Jailbreaks emanate from central Europe.


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