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>From next month, anyone can use their smartphone or tablet as a remote 
control, and keyboard, for their free-to-air and IP television, PVR and 
web video services, and this via any fixed ISP ..

Optus rolls out IPTV with Fetch
Prices aggressively, tweaks CDN, takes it mobile

By Natalie Apostolou, 24th October 2011 21:36 GMT

Optus has unveiled its IPTV content offering, branded as Optus MeTV and 
powered by the wholesale Fetch TV platform.

Optus’ MeTV is a hybrid service combining digital free-to-air TV with on-
demand and linear subscription channels, a PVR service, and web video 
with packages starting at $AU9.95 over 24 months and subscription channel 
packs an additional $AU6.95 per month. The service also has a mobile app 

Optus differentiates itself from other FetchTV providers - like iiNet and 
Internode - by delivering the service from its own CDN (content 
distribution network) infrastructure and adaptive streaming technology, 
rather than FetchTV’s IP multicast streaming infrastructure.

Optus says the CDN investment allows it to deliver content as an over-the-
top service to customers of any fixed ISP. 

It may also use the CDN to leverage content from other SingTel content 

Ovum analyst David Kennedy said “this illustrates how important 
possession of infrastructure will remain in the Australian NBN 
environment currently being assembled. As the fixed access network is 
monopolized and separated, the sources of market power are shifting to 
content and to other parts of the network.”

Expanding the service across mobile, Optus and FetchTV have also 
developed a dedicated Optus MeTV app integrated with Fetch, allowing 
customers to access programming information and remote record content 
from any location. 

The app will also transform the smartphone or tablet into a remote 
control and keyboard while at home.

Kennedy adds, “Optus’ strengths in mobile and content delivery 
infrastructure places plenty of daylight between them and their ISP 
competitors, and will secure its place as the number two operator in the 
Australian market.”

Optus MeTV with fetch will launch later this week to all existing Optus 
customers. The Optus MeTV mobile app is expected to be available for 
download from late November 2011. ®


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