[LINK] Steve Jobs and the Innovator's Dilemma

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On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 23:30, Craig Sanders <cas at taz.net.au> wrote:
> the solution isn't really specific to physical products.
> it can work just as well if your "product" is consulting services.

Oh yeah, but once you turn to services, it no longer matters what you
sell, ie, you lose your firm´s software trategy as selling your own
vision stops being relevant, ie, you might as well sell Winwdows and
Microsoft-based solutions if that´s what the client asks for.

The last one who had a software strategy at Big Blue was Lee Reiswig´s
tenure at PSP (Personal Software Products) at the time of the OS/2 2.1
and OS/2 Warp push, with great guys like John Soyring, that had a
clue, a desire to create a killer product and design "a better Windows
than Windows".

It all went downhill after that for Big Blue... ending years later
with the sale of its antivirus software, PC Division, and stopping the
fight with MSFT with its Lotus Smartsuite office suite.

Btw: anyone remembers "Pink", the pipe dream between Apple and IBM? :)

"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers."
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