[LINK] Mobile Phone for USO - Was NBN low income scheme

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 27 14:38:25 AEDT 2011

Yo Rich,

On 27/10/2011, at 6:52 AM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:

> It's over the top, in my opinion, to demand that the NBN be built to a 
> level of emergency survivability that doesn't exist today.

Oh I agree ... that's why I suggested that a cheap mobile for a few, rather than an expensive battery (with all the work back-flows and ongoing maintenance and replacement costs) for the 99% who don't need or want it makes much more sense.

As you pointed out, telcos already offer this service for remote clientele ... so why shouldn't it be continued with the NBN?


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